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We’ll miss this type of response :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:


Finished season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Powerful stuff. TV series really have taken over from movies. Rare enough now you would see a movie to compare to the best TV shows.


Couldnt get past the second episode of it. Thoroughly depressing fare.


you still watch Laois pal.


Laois is a county mate, not a tv series.


A great show … a lovely constant tension throughout.


I’d say they’ve no idea where it’s going now. They’d want to put an end in sight for it


First season was based on book. Second season they had to create themselves with original author consulting.


Yeah - wrap it up now and dont dragged the fanny out of it.


Hope you picked up one of these before they pulled it


I’m wearing it right now actually.


They opened it out for an indefinite number of seasons at the end of season 2. Hopefully she’s caught and killed in the first episode of the new season. Her constant survival is really starting to grate


The end of last season was ridiculous alright - I wanted her shot… I was hoping she’d get away and it would concentrate on a resistance theme from without and within … with Mrs Waterford leading the resistance from within. But nah … pure cuntology.


Ya thought it’d have been far more interesting for her to be outside rather than running around inside. Also a far more realistic choice to make. She’s no plan whatsoever now but I’m sure she’ll save the day magically, somehow.


I also despise that one Elizabeth Moss. Shes the same moany character in everything.


It’ll probably go on like The Affair. Even the wife has given up on that one.


Spoilers please there @Julio_Geordio


Mr Mercedes is back. :clap:


Have finished S2 of Legion. Didn’t mind the finale that most people slammed but the main plot of the show barely moved all season, and they left a load of sub plots hanging. Some of the writing leaves a lot to be desired as well.


It was definitely trying way too hard to be bizarre in the second season.