Tv Shows & Mini Series


I think they’ve decided on a set number of seasons and don’t have enough plot to cover it, hence the odd bizarre pacing.


Watching Mr Mercedes S2 and Bodyguard right now. Both very good.


That must be very hard?


Did any of ye cunts watch Women on the verge last night? Sharon Horgan’s latest show?


I’ve started watching Blue Eyes on All 4.

Has anyone seen it before?


Bodyguard goes to shit after the third episode.

Watching The Deuce S2 now, first episode excellent as always.


New episode of Trailer Park Boys? J-Rock :disappointed_relieved:


Sabrina and Castlevania coming to Netflix this weekend, happy days.


The teenage witch?


If the cat doesn’t talk I’m out


He doesn’t.


Fuck sake. You can’t mess with a classic trope like that.


Yes, a darker non-kiddy version.


Stumbled upon this last night, two episodes down and I’ve bought in.


I watched about half the first episode of this and gave up. Anyone stick it out?

I’m looking around for a new series to watch at the moment. Started three or four shows over the last few weeks but haven’t been grabbed by any of them.


Halfway through S4 of Better Call Saul. Very good.


It’s top notch.


How good a character is Nacho Varga, kid? Top, top drawer.


Is Power worth getting stuck into?


I like it but I wouldn’t say it gets any better than the opening season.

Have you watched ‘The Terror’?