Tv Shows & Mini Series


The excellent Deutschland 83 is back as Deutschland 86.


A load of people I know love it, but the white “gangster” who is one of the main characters is such an awful actor I couldn’t get into it.


That is good news. Is it on Sky?


I have not. Is it on Netflix or are you streaming it?


Not sure yet. It’s on my IMDb watchlist and I see it had a premiere date of October 19 for all episodes.

I’ll find a source once I’ve finished Making a Murder season 2 (which is boring enough).


Ya I’m not going to bother with it. Heard it’s rubbish.


Think I’ll give it a miss. Anything new in it at all?


Downloaded it.


Everyone is shitting on about it to me, i’m waiting for new season of Narcos. Anyone watch new series of Making a murderer?


Ive heard it’s top notch alright.


@Copper_pipe, would our boy add a tv show if you asked him?


I think he would. Might take a few days to get it added though


Would you ask him could he add The Terror? — Having The Wire up there would also be excellent but not a must.


I just finished watching the terror a few days ago, it was very very meh. I wouldn’t be in a rush to download and watch it.

I watched making a murderer episode one of season two a week ago and had to fight the will to turn it off. I won’t be watching the remaining episodes.

The haunting of hill house is quite good and I found myself watching back to back episodes and finished it in a few nights. The first episode was excellent.


Making a murderer series 2 is shite. Nothing new in it other than result of an appeal(s).

I am enjoying Jack Ryan on Amazon.

La Mante is on my to watch list.

Series 6 of House of Cards is out this Friday. The new show from the Love/Hate writer is out this Sunday.


Didn’t think much of power. the wire for dummies. Into season 2 of the deuce, good stuff even if both francos characters are ineffective in a way


@Copper_pipe get the deuce up as well. I’ve watched season 1 and I’m eager to see season 2.


Don’t bother.


Anybody watch Station Berlin.?I’ve it taped,is it any good,looks like a homelandy kind of thing.


I don’t know where ye find the time to watch all the Telly.