Tv Shows & Mini Series


Line of duty season 4 out on Netflix. I like that show


Taken Down on RTE. All too one dimensional so far.


Le Mante is meh.

Season 2 of The Deuce is great.


I’m glad to see that wee English Dennis wise lookalike getting turfed over the bannister! Tighten him


A spoiler would have been nice there.


I must admit I enjoyed this. Well worth a watch if you’re a Buffy fan.


Jack Ryan was good.

I enjoyed Bosch on Amazon prime.

Now looking for something decent to watch.


Ray Donovan if you haven’t seen it already season 6 just started


Might have to take a look at that.


This is fantastic news.


That’s incorrect. I just finished this last night. I reckon it’s only a matter of time until he’s either freed or the ‘arrange’ his murder in jail.

  1. They were able to retrace the steps of the other Dassey brother and the step dad on the day of the murder to offer a Denny defence whereby you can make a case for someone else committed the murder based on the facts available. They were much stronger for this.

2, They were able to debunk the claims of Kratz regarding the sweat on the hood of the car.

3. The single biggest thing was in the final episode when it was revealed that the coroner was denied access to the remains and threatened with arrest if she tried to participate in the investigation.


I just found out you can watch Amazon Prime on the firestick, it seems. Watched the first two episodes of American Gods, seems decent so far. Anything else good on there?






THe Man in the High Castle
All or Nothing


Get a revolut credit card
Set up a UK amazon account using an address in Belfast (a real address of a restaurant say)
Use that account on fire stick
Consume UK content


I don’t really watch much TV at all so I don’t need to really.


Revolut is the fucking shiznit, bro. It’s changed my life in ways etc



I saw a fella on the tube today with no legs so I rubbed a bit of toodaloo on the stumps and his legs grew back