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I came onto this thread to comment and saw the last post was made by me. Iv absolutley no idea what this is about


Any one watching taken down. From makers of love hate. Bit of a slow burner but its very good


Yeah it has improved. Some of the acting by the Gardai is brutal though.


did they go for the real guards not classically trained actors thing again?


Not sure they did - couple of them I recognize as actors from other stuff - but it’s all a bit clunky and wooden.


clunky and wooden like Pat Kenny or clunky and wooden like the real Gardai?


Did you stick with Atlanta, @Rocko?

Season two is every bit as good as season one if a bit more off the wall. The Teddy Perkins episode is the best standalone episode of a show that i saw in 2018


I hope the dildo belongs to kat slater and not Alfie


Watched the first episode of this last night… it’s very very good.


@Copper_pipe - get it up on iptv


Slow paced but very enjoyable alright.


Some of the contestants on the chase are fucking thick, one was asked “what California city has a police force with the letters SDPD?” And yer one says Los Angeles.


Bit late to the game but started watching Billions again and have watched the first 7 episodes in the last 3 days. Loving it. Bit of diddies as well which is always a bonus.


Have HBO anything of note lately? I was very disappointed in The Deuce in the first season and won’t be watching the second season, a shame to waste such a great cast with on a TV show that is just a flimsy storyline around some cheap sex scenes. To think that they went and trashed Vinyl after one season and this was its replacement.


Peaky blinders after the sopranos fantastic,one thing the Brits do better than us TV drama


For me great show,if I liked homeland,you’ll like this


The deuce was okay, but absolutely ruined by the completely unnecessary decision to cast James Franco as his own brother. Fucking nonsense


He managed to be terrible in both roles


You could have lived with him once


As the doormat bar manager maybe. Not as the wiseguy caricature, cartoonish.