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Or was he renting rooms out in galway in the early 00’s? :thinking:


Aside from anything, even if he was such a great actor that we needed him to play both, it was just confusing


As you said unnecessary and pointless. Good to see so many wire actors getting a start though.


The Terror, The Expanse and The Duece were the best shows I watched this year. Will try to watch more TV programs next year, didn’t get through much this year.


Have you watched S2? Its very easy to distinguish the two.

The show has a lot of great, interesting characters, just like The Wire.


The Deuce is painful. I’ve stalled about five episodes into Season 2.

I’m 80% of the way through Deutschland 86. Some really ropey episodes early in the season that almost made me quit it but I’ve stuck with it and it’s picked up a bit. Still only ok though.


You could definitely come up with a better new year’s resolution than that.


Easier than going on a diet I suppose.


Is ‘the man in the high castle’ any good?

The finest tv series I’ve seen I think is season one of ‘True Detective’. I’m going to watch that back again soon taking my time on it.


Watched spartacus, did he die at the very end.


Love the man in the high castle,new season AFAIK on the way


Season 1 is good of man in high castle. Season 2 not bad. Season 3 a bit so so

Worth a watch if you like anything “nazi”


Finished The Looming Tower this morning. Excellent cast, worth a watch. Probably underplays if anything how much of a fuck-up the U.S. intelligence community made pre 9/11, although it naturally couldn’t go into the detail as the book does.




Just finished watching True Detective series 1 again. Best TV series ever made.


Fuck it, I’m gonna watch it again.

Don’t move on to series 2 btw.


Yea heard bad reviews about season 2.
I must have only watched season 1 first time around on a surface level. Saw 3 times as much this time round. Harrelson and McGonaghy are some duo. They both like a Jimmy straight up too.


What’s that?


There must have been a bottle of Jameson in every 2nd scene.


Anyone got a good link for boxset of Sopranos?? I’m sick shit of buffering!