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Watched it earlier.

Nate :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’m doing a rewatch of S02. Half way through. Are they all up?

Just the first one

Phew. Much better that way.

Last episode of last of us was very underwhelming. All in all some of it was great in the middle but it ended with a bit of a whimper.


I thought it was excellent.

Have watched a couple of episodes of The Serpent.

Timeline moves back and forth a lot which is a bit disorienting. I’ll stick with it another while partially due to a 1970s hippyish Jenna Coleman with a French accent.

It’s well worth a watch.

An evil cunt


@flattythehurdler we finally got round to watching the special edition of Detectorists. What a lovely piece of television again.

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