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Lovely to see the delightful Keeley Hazel show up at the end again too.

It will surely be one of the disgusting brothers with that Roy siblings cut out

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The US CEO position makes it very easy for it to be Greg now though. Its a puppet role, and Matsson really likes Greg.

To see the fall of Rom was interesting. Plus Ken now feels empowered. It was a link episode but an important one nonetheless.

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Rom couldn’t close it.


Its funny, all 3 have their talents, had they worked together they’d have been a fine team. But they simply couldnt, cant and wont. Its fucked now. Roman has been an asshole from the very start, offering the kid the big bucks to hit a home run. He’s just come back to what he always was deep down. Only now, his assholedness is affecting the entire country and world.

The eulogies were excellent. Cromwell absolutely nailed his one. “What sort of family tries to prevent a brother speaking, for the sake a share price”.

Logans back stoey, it could have commanded a full 3 episode arc in a lesser tv series. They tossed it away in 4 minutes in a eulogy. “He fed a certain kind of meagerness in men, perhaps he had to, because he had a meagerness about him”.


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I was minded of this scene…

Perhaps a prequel? :person_shrugging:

Fuck Off Brian Cox GIF by SuccessionHBO


I know it’s been mentioned here previously but started Beef last night on Netflix. Two episodes in and really enjoying it - quite different to a lot of other stuff.

I’m finding it all over the shop. Couple of episodes left.
Would I watch it again? :man_shrugging:

The episodes fly past to be honest.
Perhaps that’s a good sign.

I think it’ll be Ken, eventually he’ll land the big job but will have fucked everyone over to get it.Sitting on the throne all alone.

“He was a salty dog but a good egg"


The security lad the only person who seemed to be genuinely mourning.

Shur Logan told him he was his best friend and the poor aul Cunt only got an aul watch in the will

Final ever episode next week it seems.

There’s a predictable ending with him going back to 'Merica and Nate taking over but we will have to see. Probably happens. Whether they win the league or not is another story. Season has been a bit of a drag. Too much relationship bollix and episodes too long. Needed more Ted

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It’s decent. Goes a bit haywire towards the end, but all in all fairly watchable and has a few unique angles to it.

Watching Steeltown Murders, a mini-series on the Beeb, atm. Decent watch, any fans of Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes might be interested.

Ted Lasso spoilers? Maybe more speculation, but shur anyway.

Its been a generally disappointing season truth be told. Too much flab. Too many woke storylines. Too far from the main characters. Too little commitment to the plotlines they seemed to be setting up for the first two seasons.

Saying that, I have enjoyed Jamie a lot this season.

But yeah, safe to say its set up for Nate to take over and Ted heads off home. They most certainly will win the title, shur how could you resist.

Succession will be missed. Enjoyed the finale but I think they defo are ending at the right time.

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Ended much as expected.

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