TV3 "Documentaries"

As veteran forum members will know I’ve been stuck in the back end of beyond for some time now. Flicking through the tv channels here in NZ tonight I came across a programme entitled “Ireland’s Crime Capitals” on one of the satellite documentary channels. So I switched it on. Turned out to be one of those excellent TV3 jobs which basically portrayed Ireland as a festering cesspool of criminals, junkies and hooligans. This particular episode was on Dublin and the most priceless line was “the luas has become a magnet for the city’s junkies” (Sledge I’m blaming you). How the fuck did any foreign network buy this rubbish and how the fuck can whoever is in charge of this sort of tv regulation allow these cunts sell it internationally? Discuss. :angry:

(The best part was definitely the really serious reporter woman walking up and down the quays, completely out of focus, explaining how very very terrible the situation is.)

You;ve been away too long Woody. It sounds like an accurate depiction of life in Dublin now :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s very true. When i was on the Luas lately there were nothing but these on it. There were even homeless fellas jumping on at various stops with cans in their hands. At one stage i got on and sat down across from one junkie bastard who was asleep on the seat. He had music blaring out of an ipod of some sort and was dressed like a gangsta rapper, complete with sunglasses and a hat…