Twitter (Part 2) The bird is freed

Just as well it wasn’t Listowel

I love one of the comments in the Twitter line underneath:

“That sounds like it was made in 1965, it looks like it was filmed in 1975, but you say it’s from 1995?”


Did they get three women to come into the pub in miniskirts just so they could do the piece? :joy:

We have come a long way since 1995 tbf to us


Fair point tbf

I’d assume so. Three crackers too in fairness.

Where are they now!

Who forced her to dress like that

Jack Daniels.

He has a point.


Training the U12 girls football team every Tuesday night

The residents could do worse than get Pat Kenny involved. He is to planning laws as Frank Murphy is to GAA rules.

I’d buy that for a dollar

The Indians are doing some job


The Android app is still shite but they are aware of that. The website is grand to use on mobile and much better.
Graft wins out in the end over shaping and virtue signalling.


he’ll lorry in another few thousand engineers and developers from Delhi to sort it out, lads only delighted to graft for 50 pence a day and not spend their day plaining ping pong taking the piss


Those boys and girls are all on $150k minimum. Wouldn’t have any fears about them.

In a tiny pair of O’Neill’s shorts