Twitter (Part 2) The bird is freed

You could almost say he died doing what he loved. He must have had a belly like a bagpipe.

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Ah he wasn’t a huge size, had battled the booze for a good while and gotten on top of that, was always taking up various fitness challenges. Good man to carry a tune as well. I’m pretty sure he did a piece with Paddy O’Gorman from RTE radio one time and burned the ears off him after randomly bumping in to him on the street


I know he wasn’t. That why I’m saying he must have had an expandable belly.

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He’s gonna be some united manager some day

Very little competition and Dublin airport have worked hard to make it a monopoly in recent years.

Johnny 1-0 Una


Johnny has been snapping at Una for years

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the famed Hapsburg jaw

We all had one after a few mitsubishis or swans


Like something you’d see in Tyrone

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Chewing gum like Mr. Ed

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Paul Galvin has a touch of the Kev about him here. “You just don’t get it”.

Mick O Connell could do that after 2 laps of Valentia

Another squad member here if @spidey and the other moderators of this phenomenon can add it to the ledger please.

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I don’t know how they do it

Cocaine’s a hell of a drug