Becoming more and more addicted to this day by day and especially since I installed a savage application for tweeting on the phone yesterday.

Thoughts people. Yarp.


I dont get it to be honest. Who needs to know everything about what people are up to at any given second of the day?

Out of curiousity, what famous folk are you "following" flano?


Twitter seems retarded to me.

"i'm off to the shop"

"I'm home from the shop"

I'm eating the 16 bags of hunky dorys I got at the shop"

Fuck off.


Are they the updates from cailinlochgorman ??


smiley thumbsup


I put a Twitter integration thing on here ages ago - think I was ahead of the time though. It was just before the last General Election which was when I started using it. Got bored pretty quickly though.


If you're twittering at the expense of TFK then you can go fook yourself, Flano.


If you're twittering at the expense of TFK then please continue, Flano.


All a bit pointless really though isn't it. At least on facebook you can perv on birds and stalk people, there doesn't really seem to be any point to this Twatter lark though


I've boycotted Facebook, Myspace, Friendface etc. They become all consuming.


are peoples lives that sad and uneventful that they feel the need to read on a minute by minute basis when someone else be it a celeb or not is having a shit or on the way to the vet with their pet rat.


thinly veiled " im a pock marked cunt"


twitter off you degenerate






But sure you've just admitted that Twitter is becoming all consuming, and nearly everyone agrees that the likes of facebook would be the lesser of the evils.


Thats because its perfectly suited to a mobile phone and because theres only a limited scope for what you can do on it, it doesnt take up much time.

PS Facebook is gay.


Sending a message to everyone, telling them what you are doing at that point in time is gay.


I've never once done that. Also you're ignorant to the reasons why I have a twitter account and clearly ignorant as to how twitter is being implemented by corporations etc.

PS Giving out about twitter on an internet forum is gay.


I have recently setup a non personal twitter account to be used as a marketing tool so I am very familiar as to how twitter is being implemented by corporations etc.

You haven't revealed any details as to why you have a twitter account, so I'm am just going on the information I already know.

I know that you are a funboy, so it is logical to assume you are using it for funboy related activities, which of course, are gay.