Nearly as bad as the youngster in Oz who wouldn’t sing the national anthem. These parents are poisoning their kids minds




The 8yr old didn’t ask that though. Alison the gimp is projecting some feminist nonsense on to her, to further her own agenda / wokeness, get a few likes

Cc @Fagan_ODowd, tfk misogny crew, etc


Mate, you are essentially publishing the exact same opinions on two platforms. Not sure how I feel about that






I’m not sure you understand what’s happening here


Who has the keys to the house?


The usuals I’d imagine


@Stoneytears it seems


You are correct


@Sidney is posting as @HBV on Twitter.


Being the Sherlock I am I guessed it was some funny man here but not @Sidney. Wouldn’t have thought he’d have the time for it


He’s not a funny man either


When you’re right you’re right.


He makes some good points, must give him a follow.




I know Izzy she’s sound out but she’s as angry as a bag of spiders … she has HIV’'s number all the same


Izzy sounds like a spoiled cunt, with all due respect.


She’s a warrior