For travellers to have a few acres along with a free gaff?


Why not?


Because they are a thieving, backward blight on society that don’t deserve a bean.


Some are some aren’t what’s you point?


My point was to answer your question. The ratio skews a lot more to the ‘some are’ side, enough to generalise them as a theiving drain on society. Anyway Izzy sounds like a cunt.


Surely the softest “Good Reply” award in history.




Someone is stalking your gaff @Bandage




Shots fired…


Is that you tweeting the hbv posts? Be honest now.


How did he find the second HBV twitter handle so quickly?


Is it not the same one? just with a name change? I had thought there was 2 handles alright but clicking on the original one brings to the real HBV.

It’s fairly fucking pathetic though to imitate a user on here to create a twitter profile. You’d want to be some lazy useless lie about bastard with fuck all life to go to such effort as to mimic someone from here on twitter.


Ive enough on my plate in the form punting for the eastern europeans, not to mind making a twitter account and posting up stuff posted here.


Ah I see – I thought HBV stepped up to the plate himself and we had 2 on the go.

it’s Sid or Brimmer


It’s a valid social experiment. It’s nearly artistic.

He is sowing the seeds of tfk’s destruction as it is only a matter of time until twitter lands here


That clears it up so, MBB.


I think @myboyblue is busy enough on here without having the time to do the twitter as well. I’d agree with choco, a prominent poster has recently stopped posting on here so has to fill in the time elsewhere.

That @caoimhaoin was only a sneaky bollix anyway.


The bastard has followed me :hushed: