Nice sentiment to Casey


It’s an absolute travesty @therealHBV only has 8 followers. Why aren’t posters getting behind our own?


Maybe there are only eight posters, or less


Would it not be of more comedic value for the hbv parody to be the polar opposite of the real one?


No. But that could also work!


Is it because he’s a hateful cunt?


Fuck you @Sidney you cunt


The silent majority mate. They are afraid of being attacked by the Looney left.


Nah, thats what the @realsidney Twitter is all about


Liked by the great man himself :clap:


The great man says he doesn’t run his Twitter account.


A-veeen neee hullawain got more than she bargained for on Twitter when she had a go about the media giving Casey a platform.

Some punter responds that they couldn’t trust the judgement of anyone that would let Ryan Tubridy up on them.


That @Mac is an awful rogue


2 fucking fake doctors FFS



I like the cut of her jib



That FA Fine made it a difficult month for him.


Worth every penny



@GDPRunt won’t like that