Paying 350k a month to HMRC. He should be lauded as a hero, keeping about a 1000 layabours going single handed.


Have a quick scan of this beauty @HBV. This ‘father’ used his son getting a bit of stick at school for painting his nails, to get as much attention and likes online as he could gobble. He even tags nfl players in the hope of a retweet and a bit of internet fame. This is all done under the pretence of caring for his little son (of whom he publically posts copious photos to strangers) and preaching tolerance for boys with nail varnish. The replies empathising are even worse. What a pathetic attention seeker. The world is fucked. Daddy Files.




Please see Snowflake thread from the day of the nail polish tweet, guys. I replied to Daddy Files on twitter to tell him he was a cunt and some Scottish chap in turn took exception to that and told me I was a disgrace. You just can’t win.


That turned into a 'who has the gayest child competition '. Then it turned into '‘my fingernails are gayer than your fingernails competition’. Then they started swapping photos if their cross dressing purse carrying sons.
@Bandage was the hardest bastard there, and he can’t even paint his own condominium


The young fella there even varnished in one of his teeth.


what we are looking at here is humanity disintegrating in front of our eyes.
you can join in and help kill it off and there are pricks here who are choosing that route, fellas like @glasagusban @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac @Sidney all those dangerous creepy bastards who campaign for equality for those who are not equal, deviancy, the right of muslims to treat women like dogs, rights as in the right to be what nature never intended you to be. fuck sake when you think about it.
but you can chose to fight for humanity which is the path i have chosen, we dont have to put up with this dangerous twisted poisonous fucking nonsense, its not in me to stand by and watch these horrid little bastards destroy the human race so iv decided there now that im going to fight the cunts tooth and nail until the day i die.


With the advances in aids medication you could have a good 20 years left in you.


and there’s still zero chance you’ll have fathered a child by then


They are not fighting for equality. They’ll be giving it big licks about gays being discriminated against because they couldn’t marry each other but you wouldn’t hear them campaigning for the rights of albinos to drive cars.

They are the bigots of society not those who think rights should extend in the context of society. There is no need for men to be allowed married each other at all but that’s irrelevant under the guise of equality.


did you go a bit far with the prostitute last night and are feeling a bit guilty this morning.

Did you not let her up when she used the safe word or something?


what exactly do you mean by ‘go a bit far’?


they will never be happy, wanting what others have is only the goal for all these halfwits now.
parents with little boys who wanted a little girl are given enough rope in todays society to destroy a human life just to satisfy their selfishness.
society is full of dangerous narcissists leaving trails of destruction.


Pat Shortt presents Noelie Connors with his doctorate in fuckacting here.


blah blah fucking halfwits, blah blah blah very, very blah blah I’m great blah fucking blaaaaaaaaaah


How are you going to fight them? What actions will you take? Will you post the shit out of them on TFK?


He’s started a twitter account to take his message to the masses


And he has starting calling some of his enemies ‘the blue rinse brigade’ … scary!


How many men does HBV have at his disposal?
I have images in my head of a day when Richard Sadlier’s Head replaces Hitler and the swastika as an international symbol of evil.


Mate, that’s the funniest post you’ve made since the time you complained about millenials being joyless fucktards who spend their whole lives posting online. Top banter.