The movie idiocracy comes to mind when you see knuckleheads like this wan :man_facepalming:


I like beer


Christ that young fella’s voice would go through ya.



Jesus that’s grim


I’m no fan of the PC brigade but fucking hell that is bad :see_no_evil:


fake news ffs


The lad posting about the teacher. Looks like he’s twitter is gone.



These cunts and their giggling wives should be horsewhipped,


Spent the morning on Mullaghmore headland watching a crew of local surfers trade waves with guys who had flown in from France, Brazil & Portugal for the first big swell of the season.

Here’s a few snapshots captured by Michal Czubala :camera_flash::ok_hand:


After golfers and rubby jocks - surfers are insufferable wankers.


It’s in very poor taste but criminalising bad humor opens up a dangerous precedent which could lead to a lad on tfk being arrested for a joke about a kid being killed on a boat, for example.


e i e i o


I’d say they’re even worse.Cool photos though.


TBF - those big wave chasers are mad bastards and not your average ‘dude’ from the denny ad. Couple of great documentaries on big wave riders that I cant recall the name of… As Fagan would say, I dont know how they do it.


They are. Especially in sligo.


Sligo is full of weirdos anyway. Half of them talk like they were reared in Dalkey, and the other half in ballymun (westlife being a prime example)


Those waves were north of mullaghmore meaning they were surfing in leitrim :grinning:


Don’t tell them that, they’ll be seething.