A great day Allan!!! :joy::joy:




What’s this now?


You’re pretending you don’t know the denny ad he is referring to?

The one where a load of oirish surfers are wearing beanie hats indoors after a surf and look and sound like they are auditioning for a spot in a Thrills coverband.


cc @balbec


Call me Noel.


FFS sake. I can imagine him telling yer one to video him ‘rescuing’ the swan


He seemed ok in fairness, wasn’t exactly shoes in the air wearing a novelty hat fixing cars on the side of the road attention seeking


When was that out?


Can you put that to Benny hill music?



Hard to know if that’s a pisstake or not :thinking:


He’s not a patch on our local man here in Caherdavin.


Probably weekend warrior kooks!

I remember being pulled up in the Berligo in Lehinch one day. I was only a longboarder so was getting ready to tog off.

A car pulls up, VW beetle, one of the newer ones. 4 youngsters, I’d say students hop out, full of beans, all “alt” image. Brand new surfboards. Alternative music blaring, all “yaaaa, amaaaazing” etc. Not one bit shy. I’m singling them out because they weren’t one bit shy…

It felt like that film The Beach when all the cunts start arriving.




Not quite as bad looking as that, but bad enough for newbies.


Failed golfers and rugby players


McGrath on his way to the pub! :laughing:


This account is brilliant