You blue eyed bastards


Good jesus Twitter is a hellhole. She forgot Green eyes, what does she have against people with Green eyes?


shes probably pissed cos noones ever complimented her 4 eyes


She has a belter from a few days ago saying the only way to stop Fascism is to have people arrested for what they say and think.


eh lads, I think that may be a parody account…


Reminds me of the godfrey elfwick account that got banned from Twitter last year. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same person.


Very true.

Someone should right a few songs about Brown eyes.


cc @balbec


I’d be pretty sure they aren’t the children of Lir.


A Youtuber with 408k subscribers :rofl::rofl:


Is he anything to Roz and Avila?


Is it genuine or a piss take?


Genuine. His Wikipedia says he was on Love Island :hushed:



The world is fucked


Ho lee fuck. @TreatyStones is correct here unfortunately.


Take that down and don’t be giving the scrote traffic.


“Eo Moy god”


Cunts like that are one of the reasons I want out of Dublin.


Stop posting now kid . You won’t say a truer again