It’s quite clearly a niche “sport”.


Irish cricketer


This one sounds like it’ll be a fairly open and shut case. The poor victim beaten up as well for good measure and knew the attacker so not much room for confusion


Seriously? Sure that’s not a sport and none of them are stars


Sign in @KOS1987


The accuser here might have bruised up her own face with a cucumber, who knows. @HBV


I would have thought OJ (x 2) was as well but there you go.


Nah, just speculating wildly


There were no victims alive to testify against OJ though, and the glove didn’t fit


We’re gonna need a new thread for this id say


So are you suggesting that the Daily Mail and the Evening Herald wouldn’t deliberately overstate the fame of a person to sensationalise a story and hence sell more papers?


Good shout mate


What about the other OJ?


@KOS1987 tidy yourself up there like a good girl, paint your lips and roll and curl your tinted hair.


Would a certain sports journo and man of the people be free from libel laws if he was to name the accused from his favela when he wakes up today!


Send him a Pm.





There could be a Proper Twelve year sentence handed out here


His defence is crumlin