I don’t think it is racist and I is black.


The Dutch National Anthem, Het Wilhelmus, pays homage to the King of Spain.



Ashley Judds sexual harrassment case against Harvey Weinstien dismissed. It didn’t fall within the scope of the California statute.


Justice 4 Harvey.


I see Iniesta took down his post, and apologised to the baying social media justice warrior mob who will no doubt go back to whatever US style identity politics they’re caught up in, and forget all about Spain.


Rightly so. Blackface has no place in modern society, and the only reason anybody would think it does is if they’re a neanderthal racist cunt.


I miss the oul Golly Bars all the same.


Until as such time Iniesta gets a job as a host or some representative in 10 years or so and then the Tweet will resurface to be used against him.


You seem very angry


Yep. All of Spain are lazy siesta taking racialists… :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


In Spain? I was there last week ,and there wasn’t a mention of it on tv. Outrage in the anglo saxon world only, of which Spain doesn’t give two shits.


How so, pal?

The post you respond to quite clearly indicates the opposite.

The angry people are those who are going around moaning and whinging that that racist steroetypes and racist abuse is not acceptable. There are a lot of people on this forum going around taking offence that shouting such racist abuse is seen as unacceptable.

I’m very content it’s unacceptable.


Doesn’t matter, these twitterati are everywhere always on the look out to bring people down. Iniesta could be given some sort of UN humanitarian role and watch this tweet reappear as to why he is unsuitable. :slight_smile: Doesn’t matter if it is Spain or some shit hole like Laois these fuckers will be out.


So people who perpetuate racist stereotypes and dish out racist abuse aren’t out to bring people down?



What racist stereotype?


Blackface, mate.

You do recognise blackface as a racist stereotype, yes?

You may answer yes or no.


Why is it a racist stereotype?


Oh here we go. yada yada, racist, yada yada, sexist, yada yada, Nazi.