That didn’t take long.


The fact that you’re asking this question would indicate you have a racism problem.

But here’s an article to educate you.


At this stage it is so predictable. Like the Oirish brigade.


So you can’t say why?


To be fair, taz, you are very much one of the posters I have in mind when I talk about neanderthals going around whinging and moaning and taking offence that you can’t spout racist stereotypes here, because it’s become increasingly obvious that you would love to do exactly that.


Can’t you read?


Does this mean that if I was to go a fancy dress party were the theme is great muscians and I decide to go as my favorite musician Stevie Wonder, it would racist because I would have colured my face?


Thanks for that. :slight_smile:


I think that’s what’s called a rhetorical question.


Read the article Sid posted and have a think about it and make up your own mind then.


Taz, do you feel threatened by non-white people?

You know, immigrants and that?


I was wondering what insight sid had into iniesta’s motives, the situation, the cultural significance of that particular occasion, his intent, the attitude of others who were present etc. I don’t need some overarching simplistic notion to replace thought and insight.


Did you read the article?


There are rules.


I asked sid a simple question, what’s your problem?


You were spoon fed the answer. Did you read it?


Nope not at all. Same as I don’t feel threatened by Gay or transgender folks either. Why, do you? What makes you think that these folks would want the likes of you defending them?



Blackface as an issue comes from the US. That’s fine, but it’s pretty typical of the fluffers to think it’s the same all over. He apologized, move on.




I’ll read it when and if it suits me. I was asking about a particular instance, as I’ve already explained. I can read, I’m reasonably well-educated and I don’t consider myself racist.
Thank you for your concern.
It was a simple question.