I haven’t focussed on Iniesta. Iniesta made the right decision to take down the tweet and apologise for it. Iniesta himself wasn’t personally dressed in blackface. That should be the end of the matter, as long as he knows the symbolism of blackface going forward.

My problem is with neanderthal cunts like yourself and @tazdedub who are offended that racist stereotype are rightly seen as unacceptable.

Spain lags some way behind in terms of knowledge about these sort of symbolic acts that are considered racist. See the Spanish basketball team posing for a group picture while they all did a slanty eyes gesture in 2008. The blackface thing is extremely culturally sensitive in the US and UK, but perhaps less so in other countries, perhaps partly through ignorance, perhaps partly through wilful stupidity.


I don’t believe you and I think you’re lying.


Culturally sensitive in the US and UK…
On my way back to the apartment last week in Spain, I passed three lads in their 20s dressed as the 3 wise kings. One of them in blackface, all handing out sweets to kids. I’m not sure if there was any outrage from the parents though…


Wow, the usual suspects are whistling dixie in here again it seems.


She has since apologized to black people for saying that.

It’s just so hard to know when you’re woke or not.


Racists generally don’t consider themselves racist.

And as you say yourself, self-praise is no praise.


The way you constantly resort to abuse suggests a lack of class, poor manners, fear and an innate intolerance which must find an ostensibly respectable way to manifest itself.
I suspect that’s just the start of it.


Your a fucking gobshite on the internet why would I give a shite what you think.


I regularly am on the receiving end of anti-Italian racism here. I just shrug it off, it’s my stoical nature.

People need to stop getting offended by little things.


I love the way you use the word “woke” in a sarcastic, edgy attempt to ridicule anti-racism.


It stuck with you, that one.
I wouldn’t regard ‘not being racist’ as praise-worthy. It’s very revealing that you do though. You should explore this.


Sidney remember the people usually defending and shouting the loudest are the worst offenders. I am beginning to you think you are all the things that you call other people on here to hide that fact that you are infact a racist, sexist, homophobe neanderthal.


Your problem is that you can’t dish out racist abuse.

You don’t do irony, do you?

The “free speech warriors” like yourself tie yourselves in such knots that I’m surprised you’re still able to breath.


I forgot to add Neanderthal to this. Which is also infact racist.



I just asked a simple question sid. There’s no need to be so aggressively defensive.


FAO of @glenshane - I know you don’t like personal abuse.

Given that I’ve touched such a raw nerve with you, I think you very much do give a shite what I think.


Would calling a black person a neanderthal be considered racist? Where do we draw the line? It seems to be that white people now are the only ones who are fair game for abuse.

I always have a good chuckle when I hear a black man call a white man “cracker”, it’s good banter. Remember when Diouf called the ball boy “white boy” a few years back, that was amusing too.


Ah ya but the Italians are only good for pizza and organised crime to be fair.