If it gives you a sense of validation then I’m serenely happy to help. But I fear it won’t do you any good in the long run.


I wasn’t responding to you there, pal. Are you getting confused as to which poster you are?


That’s an awful clamping. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, except a racist hypocrite perhaps.


No, you tagged me. But that’s ok.


That was probably meant for me, but the closet racist, sexist, homophobe @sidney will say we all look a like and cant tell us apart.


I think you’re projecting again.

You’re rabidly anti-immigrant, aren’t you?


Thats just brilliant. The shrieking virtue signalling after all that. Please save this post to end any future arguments


You’re an awful man doing that to someone.


So you’re saying all future racism on this forum is fine, mate?

It does read very much that way.


Sure you’d be mad to be getting worked up over a bit of casual racism.


I’d feel your pain -if there was any, only for my own formidable stoicism, and benign nature…
We’re a great bunch, us wops


Not at all my good person, I would say man but that would probably give something to pretend to be offended about.

Seems to me that I have touched a nerve when I said those that shout the loudest are usually the biggest offenders. See @Sidney you remind me of those Evangelists that go around telling people not to commit adultery and are themselves having affairs left, right and centre, or those people working for charties saying they are helping what ever disadvantaged group and are really ripping them off. This is you @sidney, you go around calling people Racists, sexists, nazi’s and now neanderthals and you know what you are probably the biggest racist, sexist, nazi, neanderthal cunt there is out there as has been exposed in this thread by @Tim_Riggins.

Do yourself a favour and get off your horse you have been exposed for you what you are.


I know all you want is attention, so i shouldn’t bother. But you, daily, just on this thread even, go around virtue signalling that you call out racists, that you are better than them. but as tim just showed, you yourself are a proven and repetitive racist. Laughable hypocrisy.

Why did you come back to the forum, you must have been happier off it.


But sure a few minutes ago you were defending racism.

Now you’re saying you have a problem with it.

What is your real view?

Why can’t you be honest?


It was bad enough poor @Sidney running out of road, the road didn’t have to come up and punch him in the face


@Sidney the evangelist, preaching from atop his high horse but really he is the biggest offender of what he accuses other people off. Shocking stuff.


You were certainly happier with me off the forum, that’s obvious.

Annoying you is a great reason to stick around.


But sure a few minutes ago you were defending racism, mate!

I thought you were alright with that sort of thing?

Are you or aren’t you?!


You contribute nothing. Just virtue signalling which you think is significant input.

Zero comment on your exposed racism so, you are a hopeless debater. Why labane wasted oxygen on you is an actual debate. Carry on with the citizen journalism. I’ll have to carry on skipping past your rubbish til the ignore function re emerges.


You still haven’t said whether you consider blackface acceptable, mate.

Is it a yes or a no?