We can only hope and pray John connors doesn’t see the horrendous racism posted by the lad who posts on tfk as @Sidney


I’ve made a fool of you more times than I care to remember.

Remember that time you sat in your snow hut on New Year’s Eve furiously arguing that the US should invade Saudi Arabia?

Yeah, that was you.

You mentalist.

How’s the bedsit in Mulhuddart coming along?


Wow the mask is really slipping now. The knight is shining armour is starting to fall off his high horse.




Have you decided whether you’re defending racism or not yet, mate?

Because earlier on you were very clear that you were defending it.


You asked a question and it was answered. I just pointed that out.

Why are you being all pissy about it?


It would be considered ignorant and uneducated. All humans whose ancestors migrated through Eurasia have approx 2% Neanderthal DNA. The exception is sub Saharan Africans.


Is calling someone a Neanderthal in derogatory way racist?


Certainly not when the person on the receiving end is yourself. :grin:


In the interests of his sanity, I have disengaged. I would hate to be responsible for another mental breakdown.


How could it be? We are all part Neanderthal except for sub Saharan Africans, and humans gained many advantageous traits by breeding with Neanderthals (immunity to many diseases for example). We should be grateful to be called Neanderthals, we might not be here at all without them.


It must be hard to always pretend being the knight in shining armour, defender of the defenseless, when infact that person is neither. Has to be a terrible strain mentally.


I’ll decide thanks


So it’s as ignorant as when you’d call a white person a neanderthal?


A white person is a (part) neanderthal, a black person (from sub Sarahan Africa) is not.


So it’s racist to call a white person a neanderthal but not a black person?


You’re not getting it are you.
It’s technically correct to call a white person a Neanderthal, as they are all part Neanderthal, and white people (and Asians) should be proud of their Neanderthal heritage. It’s ignorant and uneducated to call sub Saharan Africans Neanderthal as they have no Neanderthal DNA.


Have you recovered from yours yet?


I don’t think you get it, pal.

Neanderthal is used in a derogatory sense, therefore if the term has relevance to the ancestry of white chaps then that would give it racist connotations to whiteys.

You’re welcome


Is calling black people black racist?