If it is in a derogatory sense it is certainly deemed so. Did JT get in big bother for uttering something like that to Anton Ferdinand?


What did he say to him?


Allegedly called him a black bastard or something along those lines.


Well then that would be racist, connecting being black to being a bastard is indeed derogatory.


Apology accepted.


I scored with a girl in The Coach in Banbridge, back in the day… She took me back to her place but then threw me out when I asked her where the holy water font was. She turned out to be a right black bastard.


Did you read the article?




Because it answers your original stupid question but yet you keep shiteing on about it.


Does it mention iniesta?


Have you read it?


Who the fuck are you or sid to dictate what I should or shouldn’t read. If he wants to hide behind some article so be it. But you don’t need to concern yourself with the reading material of your betters.


If you read the article it would answer your first stupid question and your second stupid question.

Have you read it?


It’s amazing how a simple question can put you and sid in a tizzy. Sid’s stupidity seems to have overshadowed your own on this occasion, that took some doing.


What did Iniesta say anyway?

cc @chocolatemice


Have you explained the relevant points in the article?


Nasty post.


The article specifically answered your very stupid question.

It appears you asked a stupid question to which you didn’t want an answer.

How stupid are you?


Are you going to address your comments in the posts that Tim put up?


Stupid enough to ask a simple question that put you into a fatal tail spin.