Yeah, they were stupid throwaway casually racist jokes from years ago, which were in keeping with the general casually racist, “edgy” tone of the forum of that the time, which I shouldn’t have made and wouldn’t make now. They were absolutely the norm on this forum and still are for certain posters. I’ll stand over the fact that the overwhelming majority of my general output on such issues on the forum since I started here has been consistently anti-racist.

The irony is that these are the exact same type of comments that the posters who were up in arms when I was calling them out earlier are the exact same people that see absolutely no problem in racism now.

The whole point of human existence is that you evolve as a person. There loads of lads here who are still trapped in a serious bubble of racism and who fly off the handle with rage when the implications of, say, supporting Peter Casey are spelled out to them - that’s Peter Casey, who vilified Travellers and denied their ethnicity in a manner genuinely reminiscent of 1930s Germany.

@Tim_Riggins is the very last person to pull anybody up on racism - he’s probably still laughing now at hardcore anti-semitic graffiti including the daubing of a swastika - he apparently found it hilarious and dug in many times when it was brought up. Tim is still a hardcore Trumpbot - the generalisations about Mexicans being rapists, Muslims being terrorists, the keeping Latin American kids in cages, the vile misogynism and sexual assault, not a bit of it has put him off - in fact that’s the big selling point for him, as it is for a load of other simpletons here.


Four hours later and you’re still making a thundering fool of yourself and still unable to bring yourself to say that blackface is racist.


It’s the same with his screaming of mysogny about people. You don’t have to look very far with the chap.

Lovely to see him flailing away all afternoon there, tagging me all day as well.


@Tim_Riggins - why have you consistently obfuscated, deflected and dug in on the fact that you were laughing at anti-semitic graffiti which included a swastika?

That’s you know, genuine pro-Nazi stuff, and I’m being entirely serious here. Every time I’ve brought up Trump’s naked anti-semitism, you have dismissed it in a mocking tone.

You seem very afraid to address what is a current and serious problem in your worldview - that of being an obvious anti-semite.


I see those cowards at Real Madrid still haven’t agreed to play Moyola Park.


You’re more Moy Park Chickens than Moyola Park, mate.


Do I need to explain…


You’ve been begging for explanations all afternoon, mate.

But I suppose when you’re a thick eejit, that’s only to be expected.


You’re the only one in a tizzy kid, lashing because I asked if you had read an article seems a bit much. I don’t know why you can’t answer that question at all.

Anyway, are you the fella that joined the forum looking for pictures of a crime victim?


Which crime victim?


Dear dear. And i thought sid ran out of road


Sorry I should have said alleged crime victim.


Now I get you.


Cat got your tongue, Timmy?

Still laughing at swastikas being daubed on a wall?


You’re parroting a post by someone else - the same person who previously asked for a pm regarding a former miss ni’s sex video. You’re some muppet, even your stupidity is unoriginal.


I recall reading it somewhere. So you didn’t? Happy to stand corrected. I would hate to do you an injustice, you do enough of those to yourself.


Has she managed to substantiate the point she is trying to make yet or is she still rabbiting on about reading a link another poster provided when they couldn’t answer the simple question themselves?


jesus jumped up christ. some people take the internet way (wayee) too serious.


The INTERNET should never be underestimated.


Aye! can you check out Cicero punctuation above pal. i think the rigor in what he is saying matches the post but I’d like your good self with (550+ LC points) to clarify.
Edit. if you accidentally delete what you wrote, can you retrieve it?