I’m not sure… About anything… anymore


@bandage … any banning being lined up? EG was banned last weekend for drunkenly joking on the forum! Racist post admittedly. The said posts could have just been deleted.

Are you now going to do a SFA / John Beaton ala Morelas? You saw the above posts, deem nothing wrong (like John Beaton) and when they are pointed out they are racist, as Sid has admitted, you (like the SFA) do sweet FA.


Back to Iniesta …




Justice for @ebeneezer


Back to Black



Jaysus no one can escape the local GAA club Lotto.


I wonder did she get the 3 for a fiver…


That was only a wind up


I’ve been mugged off good and proper so I have.




Any sign of Bernard McMahon around Glin old buddy, living in ballyshannon now


Taylor couldn’t shake it off.


Like you and your anti-traveller posts


Or a thundering dullard who hasn’t made a single post of any interest since they signed up to the forum because they thought i) they might find out the identity of a rape victim and ii) find a picture of a rape victim.


I suppose you can justify that childish outburst?



Was this pre-snowflakes?


Throw up the one there of Derek Thompson on At The Races :rofl:


The dearly departed Setanta Sports News. That must have been from around the 2006-08 period.