Connors will be a shoe in for the award this year.


Those deep fat fryers are lethal, I wouldn’t get one, eating all that sunflower oil. Nah not for me.


You’re doing it wrong pal, you’re meant to eat the chips.


They had no fire extinguishers despite asking for them for years!
They mustn’t have asked in a shop that sells fire extinguishers. Shame.


I’d say you’d have to be a very sad individual to joke or try score points off an incident in which people were burned to death. Your life must be pathetic.


I remember my brother was in college and the council moved this traveller family in next door in the student village. Long story short they (travellers) left after 6months during the night and set fire to the house on purpose. Had the fire spread then my brother and 4 other lads would have been killed. All the weed they smoked and sweat on the walls provided some sort of a sealant.


I’m not joking. If people like you can’t see the perverse irony and stupid irresponsibility then that’s your problem. You won’t solve any problems with that attitude.


You’d imagine they should have picked up a few fire extinguishers just to be on the safe side. Very sad that they didn’t. I wonder would they have mattered given the coroners report anyway?

Chip pans are lethal yokes, especially with drink.

Tayto sandwich, much safer.


So you’re trying to score points off people that burned to death in a fire. Big man behind a keyboard. You’re a sad act kid.


What points? You’re the one trying to virtue signal and tell people how they’re inferior to you. You hold on to whatever points you feel are up for grabs here. I’ve no use or need for them.


I didn’t claim to be superior to anyone. I pointed out that you’d need to be a pathetic individual to make sarcastic comments about people being burned to death. Again, you must have a sad life.


I think John Connor was trying to score points in that tweet.


Whatever you think.
I have fire alarms and fire extinguishers. If there was a fire and I lost my family due to my failure to take responsibility I couldn’t live with myself.
I bought the said items in a shop. It was quite straightforward.
Sorry this upsets your absurd snuffling snowflake mentality.
Do you have fire extinguishers etc?


He could launch a campaign to ensure people take responsibility for buying fire extinguishers. It would be a positive and meaningful use of his celebrity. It might be unpopular with the likes of glas right enough.


Woah, you said “snowflake”.

That is a tremendously biting, incisive, and most of all original barb.

How can he ever come back from that?!


The big issue was the adults drinking and take sleeping pills while supposedly minding their children. What does @glasagusban think of a pregnant mother drinking and taking sleeping tablets?


Surely the council are to blame for that in fairness.


Try to keep on point. You’re happy to make smart arse remarks about people burning to death. You’re a piece of shit.


@glenshane has rapunzel spinning here.


I don’t get Connors argument here

He’s complaining that the “emergency” or “temporary” site the travelers were put in didn’t have proper infrastructure and why are travelers always put in “emergency” or “temporary” sites. Well John, you refuse to take ones that are purpose built and it’s in the name EMERGENCY/TEMPORARY

He also calls out traveler organisations to protest. Protest against what? Being travelers?

The infrastructure didn’t cause this situation John. Travelers did