No. I’m making an oblique point about someone promoting the idea that basic fire and safety precautions, which are inexpensive and can save lives, should be abdicated.
There’s no need to resort to personal abuse.


A bit of a harsh comment by @glenshane, but if the parents haven’t the cop on to take measures to ensure their kids safety, should they have custody of them at all? The state had a duty to ignore the shriekers and give these kids a chance in life.


Backtracking now. I stand by what I said. You can’t. Good luck and thanks.


Do you have fire extinguishers?


He’s no respect for safety, wasn’t he texting on the M7 yesterday.




Probably had his kids in the back - sure as long as the council belted them in for him.


I haven’t but I’m going getting 2 for upstairs and 2 for downstairs this afternoon.

This is an eye opener.


Wise move. No sense in waiting


Would fire alarms have made a difference? They were after taking sleeping pills and alcohol when caring for children.



He said the fusebox inside Thomas Connors’ cabin was replaced and a smoke alarm was installed.

In relation to the smoke alarm, he said: “There were complaints of it going off so it was replaced with a heat detector.”



@glasagusban look away.


A tad early in fairness. ( good though)


I know Mike, the lads on the left won’t mind tho, they vote to murder unborn babies, this be water off the ducks back to them.


Can we have it noted for the record that @glasagusban would not comment on the above?






Hon the Murt!!!


He must be an awful simpleton