Why are the Ewan threads locked, did he issue a writ against us?


Money must be tight in Brazil at the moment. Ewan looking to set up a few guest spots on radio this week as a contrarian.


Will he have to come down off his cross to take the calls?


This is the happiest Ewan has been in ages. What a life he leads.


Chris Eubank with an early DHOTA contender


Oh dear


Very good.


The average betting chap laps that shit up


Unreal banter .



Gemma seems to have lost the plot. She’s been protesting all afternoon in Google’s HQ in the Docklands, over her YouTube channel being taken down or something


Isnt this the cunt that threatens anyone who tweets something she doesn’t like with lawyers until it’s removed. Free speech my arse.


This shall never be forgotten:


Gemma knows the rules, early & often


Broadsheet giving her oxygen, shower of cunts.


I’d vote for Gemma if I voted.




You could still campaign for her



No surprise to read that ruud Van Nistelrooy was an utter utter cunt of a man