Did Fenton bring his missus out with the lads the weak bastard?


That’s not his girlfriend


Are the Dublin Gaelic footballers going round town acting the cunt blackmailing businesses who don’t lay out the red carpet for them?
That’s very very strange behavior.


You will have the usual suspects defending them now because it was a pub part owned by the rubby lads. We saw them filling the togs and deleting tweets when the tullow tank called them out :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


The Tullow Tank wasn’t long quietening them.


he softened their cough


He handed them their tae in a mug.


Intercounty players don’t care about their clubs mate, especially in the capital


Which soft cunt is lacing into the 7 Up there?


The O’Shea brothers have been known to DJ and breakdance in the Lemon and Duke premises. The manager of the place is a staunch Mayo fan. I’m sure throwing Dean out was more effective than throwing a GPS at him.


None of the cunts have a pint in front of them.


Too fattening


We’re already three weeks into the new season.



Didn’t a Dublin player once pull a water pistol on a bouncer after not being let in to a club once . Think it was a Monday after a game when they went on the beer .


I have a vague recollection of there being such an incident. Johnny Barr?


Again I am vague , could be .






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I get more than enough of him in here thanks