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In fairness to Brolly, there isn’t much point in being the fulminating self-appointed guardian of the GAA’s amateur ethos if you’re not being paid handsomely to do it.


The reality here is that brolly is being paid by commercial organisations to give his views. Gooch is receiving a payment from a testimonial committee that has zilch to do with the GAA . Duffy said the GAA might try to stop this in the future . Can any of our financial people advise if this is possible ?

Limerick GAA - All-Ireland senior hurling champions 2018

Who is Colm Parkinson guys?


They can’t stop it I’d imagine, but presumably could punish him within GAA structures.


By all accounts Brolly doesn’t charge for club appearances or functions or any event vested in the GAA so he actually walks the walk in this regard.

The money Cooper will rake in is money that could actually go to far more deserving areas of the GAA than an ex-player who has cushy jobs with AIB and as a (poor) analyst and has a book coming out.

Money like this going to ex-players should be reserved for genuinely deserving cases such as Ken McGrath when he was seriously ill.

Amateurism in the GAA is a sort of fragile eco-system that depends on the general agreement of all involved to sustain it, and could, with the right backing, be easily disturbed.

It would be interesting to see the reaction should the corporate sector be persuaded to fund, say, Dublin players, to give up their jobs and live and train as professionals.

They’re funding Cooper, so why not fund a whole team?


Yes but good luck with that .


Not aware of his personal circumstances but I doubt Cooper is in financial trouble. Just seems naked greed really.

If he was penniless or had an extremely sick child with enormous health costs - going for an operation in Great Ormond Street etc - you’d say fair enough but he just seems to have thought “I’ve put enough into this organisation, now I want a few quid back to clear my mortgage.” Coming out with this bollocks about being a celebration of sport is just that, bollocks.

In fairness most county lads are happy to play for the pride of wearing the jersey, hopefully give them a leg up in their career, help attracting niche birds in the local nite club and just get the mileage from the CB at the end of the year.

Disappointed with Cooper here, I must say. He already has the high profile, the medals, the media platform. Didn’t need to be so openly hungry. He’s doing nothing wrong but at €500 a pop it’s not exactly for paupers.

He handled the thing badly from the start. He only had to say “after the hotel costs are covered there’ll be an even 60% split between the two charities, my local club and kerry GAA. I’ll keep the rest.” People would know exactly then what he was gettting.

As it is he just seems a simpleton as the story keeps changing.

“Ah, two charities will benefit.”

“Ah, I’ll give something to my club and county too.”

“Ah, I asked Pauric Duffy and he was ok with it.”

“Ah, Joe Brolly text me to apologise.”

“Ah, over 50% is going to charity.”




I like this approach. I wonder could we redistribute some of Dublin’s wealth to the likes of Sligo, Leitrim, Offaly etc? I mean the money Dublin rake in could actually go to far more deserving areas of the GAA also.


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