Michael Duignan (who I would generally have no time for) wondering if GPA have any comments on Gooch testimonial & Donal Og character references.

I suspect none is answer


Them cunts only surface when there’s a few bob being doled out.


Would Gooch still be a member of the GPA?


Didn’t he skidaddle around the time of the Lucozade /Club Energise spat ?


I think the Gooch is a starved bastard doing this testimonial thing, and I wouldn’t go to it if I got a free ticket because I can’t imagine anything duller. But he can do whatever the fuck he wants in his own time. It’s has zero effect on my life whatsoever, so if he can convince some cute Kerry hoors to part with their hard earned then fair fucks to him.
I don’t see it as any different from DJ Carey on an add for dry cow mastitis, a GAA player opening a pub or a sports shop, a GAA player writing a column in the paper, a GAA man getting a cushy job in the bank or as a sales rep, a lad getting paid a few bob to go over to the states to play for the summer, a fella getting a few quid to present medals or run a summer camp or whatever. They are all using their profile as GAA players for monetary gain in different ways.
Nobody would even have a notion who Brolly was if it wasn’t for the GAA. Brolly has used his profile as a GAA player and his undoubted intelligence to manufacture a role for himself as a journalist. He’s not a bad journalist to be fair, always provokes opinion etc, but he wouldn’t be on TV or in media without monetising his profile as a GAA player. Brolly himself does after dinner speaking and while he might do medal presentations etc for free you can be fucking certain he doesn’t do that for free, and fair fucks to him for getting paid for it. Again it has zero effect whatsoever on my life.
Anyway it’s two sides of the same coin, Gooch just came with the shotgun, while Brolly carried the briefcase, but it’s all in the game.


You sound rattled, seething even, having to explain yourself. Ageed though, the only difference here to Brolly, the O’Sheas et al is the gooch is a gormless fucker and has had a couple of hapless attempts of passing this off as a charity donation.


Sleeveen yerra apologist.



Would he if what?

Are you trying to ask if he is a member?


Just saw that there now. That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Is Gooch giving out about Brolly being a barrister? And Brolly isnt making an argument against Gooch being an analyst and getting paid for it.




Yes I am. As evidenced by your interpretation



A serious catch


FOTF Ewan having s right ding dong with some lad who appears to be a youtuber and have tried to sue Ewan before. Some zingers


He had a busy night of it getting shot at from all angles!! Glendenning is a regular sparring partner


You know Ewan has been up to something when @gilgamboa has bumped this thread first thing in the morning


Hes about the only account worth following on twitter tbh. Not one bit bothered about getting into a good barney

Sunday morning usually throws uo a few gems


He is needy beyond all limits .


Impossible to take him seriously after he shat it from Joe Brolly.