Ewan having a slightly OTT reaction to what wasn’t a particularly provocative tweet. Why would he react in such a manner on a saturday might when people are relaxed after a long week?

May be history between these lads that Im not aware of. It is funny shit


He’s carving out quite a niche for himself as a sporting contrarian of late. Arise Ewan ò Doherty .


Played the man a bit there alright


Two feet over the ball :joy::joy::joy:


Did you remember to screenshot all the tweets, mate?


I did. Iv a folder of deleted and soon to be deleted tweets

Ewan really would be a huge addition to TFK. We badly need another poster with strong opinions and an unwillingness to bend on any element of that view however small


Ewan destroyed the prick there


What a Gowl. His kids will be ‘inspired’ from seeing the likes of Tonga play. They’d probably be staring into their smart phones for the whole match anyway.


I confidently predict after we smash the Danes 1-0 on Tuesday that Ewan will pen an article saying qualifying is the worst bing that ever happened to Irosh football - thus getting himself a few slots on radio shows etc.

He’s mad for an auld twitter atguemrnt


I did laugh at this tweet tho!


Ewan got stuck into the rugby team yesterday, referring to them as a “multinational franchise”.

He’d make a terrific TFK poster.


It is a very very very funny exchange.


Ewan is a long time TFK reader. Sure he tweets @Rocko (@RockoTFK) on occasion regarding things posted about him. He displayed the lovely TFK tradition there of calling that chap “mate” at the end of an abusive tweet.




Did Quinlan chip in or stay behind his couch peering through his fingers?


Quinlan called him Evan McKenna on the radio there a few weeks back and Ewan has been chasing him around twitter since he was very put out about it



Ewan is on a rollover id say. He often tells of what a great life he has in Brazil but he spends 18 hours a day rowing on twitter :joy:

He is tbf a master debater. He got into a barney earlier on today with a barrister from Cork who I would half know. The barrister came at him with facts and he jist brushed them off with ease. He was wrong but that didnt matter a fuckin jot