Ewan gets most of his info from here :grinning:


Ewan putting his TFK experience to good use:


Told ye





This is fantastic for those who enjoyed Gerry Armstrong’s hilariously biased commentary over the two legs of Switzerland-Northern Ireland. A cut from the latter stages tonight:

cc @Nembo_Kid, @Rocko.


Ah that’s excellent.

One of those “they’re reeling” comments was in response to Embolo coming on. Like it was a panic move to bring on a striker. Another was after Mehmedi nearly scored for “the Swiss.” He was great fun to listen to actually.



It’s all too meta :astonished:


Ailbhe O’Nolan gave Ewan a chasing on his residency rules tirade.


She gave him some chasing but in true TFK style he just shifted the argument. Only likes facts when they suit his viewpoint.

I’d say Ewan has a very high self-opinion and likes to see himself as a crusader of truth. The reality is he starts with a bias, such as his hatred of rugby or Dublin GAA, and constructs an argument from there.

To be fair, getting paid to be a professsional WUM is some achievement. The schtick has to get more and more outrageous though and the risk is that most end up viewing you as an amusing crank rather than a serious journalist in the end.


@Horsebox Is a lesbian. :eek:


Nobody views him as a serious journalist. That’s why he’s out in Brazil posting shite on Twitter 24/7.

Joe Brolly ragdolled the crackpot when he tried to engage him. Joe had the gobshite desperately deleting his Twitter posts :laughing:


What post was that in reference to?


@Horsebox is a lazer beam :grinning:

I fucking knew it – the cunt is always splashing her period here, the hormonal cunt.


Everything is suddenly making a bit more sense


Who pays Mackenna?


He lives on a farm in remote Brazil. He doesn’t need money. @Rocko sends him out a big bag of rice and a few slabs of beer every month


Where is he from?



Ewan is a freelancer and a decent one at that