Ewan loves TFK.It’s where he gets all his ideas.


@Horsebox is a lazer beam :rofl:


Is he a currant bun ??


I’d say this is the extent of Ewan’s interaction with TFK



Ailbhe aka @Horsebox is giving some poor lad a kicking on Twitter at the moment


Its not very PC to say it but I wonder is the lad she is kicking even a citizen? Looks like he only qualified on residency anyway


He looks a harmless enough auld chap. Probably a few nuts short of the full toolbox


why all the questions?


10 minutes before Ireland’s biggest game in years and @Bandage is referencing me on Twitter in a post about the late Alan Potts.

He’s lost it


Young Munster are trying to get FotF Ewan MacKenna fired. They’ve done a @gilgamboa on it and saved screenshots of his tweets.


Ewan are you ok mate?



Ffs some people need to get over themselves. Did he delete the tweets himself? He actually tried to apilogise to yer man and he wasnt getting anywhere.

Thorough vindication for our man in Belo Horizonte about the RWC anyway.

What view did he take on the footballing disgrace last nt?


A desire to be outraged seems to be the norm nowadays. Especially from creeps who hang out on social media where threats of sexual violence and death are a currency of sorts traded by all and sundry.

Of course they are not outraged at all by Ewan and his impolitenesss.


Lads on there about making a complaint to the Press Council. :smile:

“Hi, I’d like to make a complaint about a journalist.”

“Ok, what’s the nature of the complaint?”

“He called me a self entitled arsehole on Twitter.”



Ham of god, you take away the sins of the world


Ah no, has Ewan been deleting tweets again?


“Ewan” was on the radio this morning with Shane Coleman talking about the failed RWC bid adopting a somewhat gleeful tone.


while I know is would cost a lot to host rwc but the opportunity to take my two rugby/Hurling kids to a rwc game at home and the inspiration they’d get from that is priceless, hope we get it


Yep . Nothing like Namibia and Georgia on a Wednesday evening in thomond to inspire kids .