Stop being an utter cunt. You and your kids will have great days out. You massive arsehole.


i went to see Oz vs NZ in lansdowne in the world cup semi final @backinatracksuit and it didnt leave much of an impression


I am a working class Limerick boy I make the point that I’d love to take my two lads to world cup games like my dad did in 1991, having read digested and understood the points in your post, and you insult me twice, disappointing


Why are you posting some weirdos responses to Ewan?


What’s your point? Tell Alan Quinlan he is an arsehole too.


You saw Oz play rugby in Dublin in 1991 and ended up marrying a lady from Oz. I think it had more impact that you realise.




They got a good crowd in for the Tonga match last week.


I was there too!


do you look back fondly on it ?


Not really


Campezi was some player.


Dick clerkin has had a busy morning…had a spat with parkinson for having a different opinion than him and then blocked him …then two dublin footballers made a tool of him for inaccuracies in his tweet about international rules …gas to see lads on twitter block anyone who questions them…


Clerkin is a company man through and through


Twitter is exploding at Hogan Stand just lifting a John Fogarty article and posting it as their own on the game this morning. Fogarty and other F listers like Cahir Healy are calling for everyone to unfollow them and block them etc.


A cunts cunt so to speak.


Behave you cunt


I promoted him a grade to be nice to you




I saw that. Hogan Stand has been based on this since its inception so was surprised to see the backlash for this specific article.