I think it was cause the reporter tweeted his disgust at it.


I know Henry Martin ran with it but did Hogan Stand lift John Fogartys exclusive on the death of ger loughnane that time?


No idea mate




Saw Malachy Clerkin had a cut off Twitter and its users in the Irish Times; apparently people were giving Ruby Walsh abuse and it’s a “cesspit” and that its days are numbered.


Fuck Ruby, prick.


Buff :thinking::dizzy_face:





I see our favourite cleric and best man on twitter Fr paddy has a book out for xmas. A must read. I just bought two copies. I will give one to my favourite aunt, a wonderful woman who lives her life in a similar spirit to Fr Paddy.


That’s a lovely gesture mate. I’m sure she’ll love it. God bless you and yours this Christmas season



And this was one of the years top tweets




I see Ewan losing it again over the release of John Costello’s always excellent annual report to the Dublin county board. Ewan doesn’t like John’s use of inverted commas and keep referring to ‘facts’ about financial doping even though he still refers back to the incorrect analysis he plagiarised from a Meath third level student on development county by county funding. You’ll recall said analysis omitted the very large ‘fact’ that development funding for counties other than Dublin is routed through the provincial councils which Ewan or the Meath student couldn’t provide a breakdown on.


Sweep sweep

Way too much explaining there


Mick O Keefe would have been proud of that one.


Ewan is a clown, but John Costello went on an absolute rant the likes of which you wouldn’t see on TFK. It was very undignified for a supposed administrative guru.


Costello’s speech was bizarre all the way through.

Repeated use of exclamation marks (!!!) and long winded sentences more akin to a Vincent Hogan fluff piece.

Ewan entitled to take the piss out of him there.


He obviously got help from Philip Browne


“Query” :slight_smile: