The backtracking from @spidey should be interesting. He’s judged the mood badly.


Lads should start using “air quotes” in meetings to mark our tfk brethren.


“Our players have never gotten meals delivered to their houses”

Ok, how about clarifying if “ready” meals are provided to players to take away from training to eat during the week, and if they get free grub at specific outlets around Dublin.


They get to jump the queue in the methadone clinic as well.


Bet they didn’t think it would take them over a bridge


I think the whole point was that they thought it would take them over the bridge, not off it.




“Miguel” is a bit of a fuckwit


He is that. Good to see Ewan looking so well though and obviously home for the holidays.

Hi Ewan.


That’s a weird video to put up on Twitter.



Uh oh


The spirt of Maggie Thatcher is strong in this cunt



Ewan has clearly never been to Donaghmede. There’s no better place than Belo Horizonte to get a handle on what a real Dublin accent is.

It’s amusing and ironic that Ewan would accuse anybody else of “forcing” anything or employing “theatrics”, given that that’s the hallmark of so much of his output.

Cringe passed into satire indeed.


Barry getting into bother again


Who are these guys ??


Wolves are running away with the championship. One of the super agents owns them and has signed all his clients


So everyone is a winner ?