Yes, wolves fans are happy too


@JohnnySexton Has landed goys.


On his head?


I don’t care if it’s not real.


Can’t blame them really


‘Looking so well’???


Dont think iv ever seen him speaking live before. Hes much younger than i thought




It’s no wonder he always wears a hat, the baldy cunt.









Some lad from the old neighborhood followed me recently - so I followed back … fuck me. he’s averaging 40 tweets a day about Liverpool and nothing but Liverpool. … and retweets on top of that. Giving out about Coutinho and the club hierarchy and the journos that spout Liverpool nonsense… I thought the EPL lads here were bad… there’s surely a study in the offing about Irish lads who think they are from English cities based on who they support… the likes of @The_Most_Infamous and @Matty_Hislop being two prime examples.



@Matty_Hislop is terrible with it


I tweeted Harry Kane a happy birthday message last year and he liked the tweet. I was so happy inside, I had a warm glow for about a week.


The older you get the more pathetic it seems. A friend of mine was cursing Coutinho and Barcelona out of it last week a few days after complaining about Southampton holding out for so much for VVD. When I pointed out the hypocrisy of those 2 viewpoints he sputtered and spewed for a few minutes before storming off in a huff. He’s 36 :grin: :pint:


A must-follow account. The BDO have a superb social media presence.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author


Peter Reid’s tribute at the end :joy::joy: