TwiX (Part 2) The bird is Xtinct

Rog looks great as Flash Gordon


Wouldn’t have been many young lads in 1980s Ireland could have afforded a trip to China. Eamon needs to #checkhisprivelage


Murphy retweeting Aontu in his tweets as well. Is he a bit far right I wonder ?

@Malarkey ?

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some Leeds united supporting spud hockey player who never left the parish vs a man that cycles across China on his own & gets the train back

Ryan wins hands down here


ellis o hanlon too

backing Matt Le Tissier too

He seems like a classic perpetually angry rural simpleton who has latched onto the right wing culture war as a way to give his life some meaning.

His timeline is an utter car crash.


to hell with a sense of adventure

I’ve had a look through.

Didn’t realise he was such a headbanger but goalies are often weirdos alright

Last week lads were getting outraged at two doting parents deciding to bring up their child in a tolerant, loving, non-pressurised environment.

Today the same lads are outraged at a photo of a young Irish tourist in 1987.

So they are obviously very in touch with the issues that matter.

I’d sum up his Twitter timeline thusly:

“Young man yells at clouds.”

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I’ve just become aware of this information. Perhaps we should go easy on him.

A lovely thing to do if you are interested in giving to charity. Sorts the issue too if you’re hounded by different charity opportunities or if you feel bad for giving to X but not Y. You get video and picture updates too every now and again. Hard to know how much the kid and their family gets from it of course but its a nice way of feeling positive about humanity.

A great goalkeeper.

And I will leave it at that.


For my sins, I just spent the last 45 minutes or so trawling through Eoin Murphy’s Twitter timeline. It’s like a textbook case of online radicalisation, a veritable bingo game of right wing and far right hot takes. I do my own my own research on these headbangers so you don’t have to.

Over the last six months Eoin Murphy @eoinscruff has retweeted the following:

Eilis O’Hanlon

Some head the ball praising Matt Le Tissier

A creepy right-wing American tweeter named Eli David trying to ridicule Greta Thunberg

Peadar Toibin of Aontu

Declan Ganley calling for a “conservative president” of Ireland

An anti-trans tweet by Peadar Toibin

Far right headbanger Sharon Keogan

More random anti-Eamon Ryan stuff

An anti-refugee tweet by John McGuirk

Tweets himself “Aontu are the only party speaking sense at the moment”

Creepy anti-Roderic O’Gorman rhetoric

An anti-trans tweet by Aontu

A random right-wing curmudgeon from Carlow named “Con Murphy” (not the good Con Murphy formerly of RTE)

Niall Boylan ranting about “Davos”

Somebody from the pro-Trump astro-turf organisation “Turning Point USA” who tweets“ Tucker Carlson is a living legend” - Murphy retweeted this specific tweet

Anti-abortion TD Carol Nolan

Tweets himself ranting about “snowflakes”

Begs some NFL journalist to unblock him after calling one of his articles “dog poo”

A simplistic internet cliché meme tweet by Richard Dawkins which soft soaps hate speech

An anti-trans tweet by Aontu

An anti-Greta Thunberg, pro-Elon Musk tweet by an account called “End Wokeness”

A climate change denying tweet by headbanger Ben Gilroy

Some random gobshite moaning about how the words of Fairytale of New York are supposedly being censored

A guy called Luke O’Connor of the “Irish Freedom Party”

Peadar Toibin again

Eilis O’Hanlon again

John McGuirk again


Peadar Toibin again

Pro-Russia US writer Matt Taibbi

Fascist Paul Joseph Watson

Dutch far right propagandist Eva Vlaardingerbroek

Extremist Irish “libertarian” Keith Redmond

Far right propagandist Ben Scallan of Gript

Gript again

Anti-trans propaganda from Talk TV featuring Julia Hartley Brewer

Alt-right Bitcoin promoter and YouTuber Layla Heilpern

The New York Post

Retweets a video of a Trump speech with emojis which make clear he likes Trump

A climate change denial video from RT (Russia Today)

A speech by Ron De Santis

Anti-vaccine grifter James Melville

GB News headbanger Calvin Robinson

He’s anti-vegetarian burgers

Seems pretty clear from who he is retweeting and the tone of the tweets he retweets that he is anti-vaccine as well and buys into at least some of the Covid conspiracy stuff.

A perfect fellow traveller for Colm Parkinson.


Is he asking any questions?

I’d agree with him on veggie burgers to be fair

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Do Avonmore stand beside his political views?

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Their parent company has recently changed its name to Tírlán, which sounds like it was come up with by a radical far right internet hot take merchant, so I presume so.


My goodness.

Are there definitely no tweets about reading books in hotel lobbies?

Otherwise it’s like he’s signed over management of his Twitter account to @Ambrose_McNulty.