Two little tweaks

Two little improvements on TFK this evening:

  1. Emoticons

Added Irish flag :ireland:
Removed some duplicate type ones
Reorganised the more more popular ones to start of list so don’t need to navigate to second page.

  1. Mobile Skin

Added page numbers to threads and it shows the page you’re on, first page and last page type numbers at top and bottom of each page on mobile skin.

:clap: :guns:

One point rocko - on the second change above, when I click on the thread and it brings me to the page with the most recent post, I’ve no idea if there’s another page of posts or if I’m on the last page. Does that make sense?

Looks like you’ve fixed it now :clap:

The background colour of the numbers section should tell you which page you’re on. If 50 is highlighted then that’s the page # you’re on. If there is a 51 there then you’re not on the last page, if there’s no higher number then you’re on the last page. It will always display a link to the final page if you’re not on the final page in other words.

Ah right you might have looked at it when it was just getting implemented. I only did the background highlighting bit a few seconds ago.

Wasn’t highlighting it initially but it is now. Sorted.

Indeed. Posted again after that one. What a fucking guy I am.

Bravo! :ireland:

I thought this was going to be about GSH’s nipples.


Page numbers.