Two Weeks Off

I’m free for the next couple of weeks, so apart from watching the goings on in here, what is there to do when you have two weeks off on this isle? Any ideas would be welcomed.

Edit: I thought this was someone else.

Please spend the 2 weeks cleaning up the “Celeb Spotting” thread by removing all washed up GGA players.

Stay away from both the internet and the telly


any chance of the odd winning tip or are you gonna just leave that up to dunph?

It would take more than two weeks!

:lol: That won’t happen unfortunately.

Now that I have a bit of time to look at the ponies there should be a couple more frequent bets in that thread, must get on that actually.


Listowel next week (NAP).

Oooh great shout, forgot that harvest festival was next week. Was also thinking of going to the beach races tomorrow for this first time, anyone gone before? Is it worth it?

I forgot im going to Listowel next week. Thanks SS** .

Laytown probably wouldn’t be great except for the five minute novelty factor. Listowel is your only man, the last real racing festival left.

I’m going to head down on the Wednesday for the National.
You could round off your two weeks with a visit to Dublin for the football final.

Laytown isn’t bad for the day if you’re based in Fingal or somewhere and want a short drive up. Wouldn’t go travelleing hundreds of miles for it alright.

I was thinking Laytown might be a bit shit if it’s raining but it is a unique race meeting, I’ll decide tomorrow and report back.
Believe it or not, Listowel is the one festival I have never attended, I always just catch a couple of races on TG4 and cringe while I watch Daithi O Se chat up some single mother from Faranfore.

Lovestoned will go well in the first at Laytown if your thinking of going.

It’s not too much of a trek so if the rains stays off I might wander that way for a couple of hours.

I’ll have an interest regardless Tworunnyeggs, thanks.

Made it to the beach for the evening, not too bad, weather was OK in the main, the racing wasn’t ideal, each race was a bit of a non-event. A lot of families and Ice Cream vans. The novelty sort of wore off by the 3rd race but I stuck it out and was rewarded by Dunne Grand in the last, all in all an average evening, but I suppose it’s better being out in the sea air than on the couch.