Typical of the Irish Judicial System

A BUSINESSMAN charged with assaulting a man who broke into his house was previously successfully sued for €175,000 by the burglar, a court heard yesterday.

Louth-based property developer Martin McCaughey (48) is accused of using a Mercedes car “as a weapon” to assault Daniel McCormack (27).

Mr McCaughey denies reckless endangerment at Clann Chulainn Park, Farndreg, Dundalk, on June 27, 2008. He also denies assault causing harm on the same date.

McCormack previously received a suspended jail sentence for the burglary, but also successfully sued the businessman.

McCormack told Dundalk Circuit Criminal Court yesterday that he had been very drunk when he left his house in the early hours of the morning and went into the home of Mr McCaughey.

He did not remember everything that happened there. But he could recall going in a side door and into an upstairs bathroom where there was jewellery.

He told the jury he found himself there “with jewellery stuck in my pockets”.

He then heard shouting and ran from the house and garden towards his home at Clann Chulainn Park.

The court heard Mr McCaughey was dressed in just his boxer shorts and he had shouted at McCormack as he ran from the house.


The court heard that McCormack’s house at Benvista, Mount Avenue, overlooked the Clann Chulainn Park estate, and that Mr McCaughey had been involved in building it.

McCormack was in his estate when he said he was struck by a car. He said he “limped on” and got hit a second time by it. He said the accused told him, “I will kill you if you get up”.

Both his legs were broken and he was in hospital for two -and-a-half weeks. He was in a wheelchair for six to eight weeks and then on crutches.

Cross-examined by Brendan Grehan, defending, McCormack agreed that when he went into the house he “was trespassing” and “looking for things to steal”.

He also agreed he had left his home that morning planning to burgle houses and had done this before.

The court heard McCormack had been charged with burglary at Mr McCaughey’s home and received a three-year sentence, which had been suspended.

He agreed he had sued Mr McCaughey and received €175,000. McCormack said he had given €50,000 of this to the hospital where he had been treated.

When Mr Grehan put it to him that Mr McCaughey had wanted him to wait for the gardai to arrive after the incident in Clann Chulainn Park but he (McCormack) was intent on getting away, he agreed.

“I was more afraid of him than he was of me,” he said.

Mr Grehan asked if Mr McCaughey had tried to “box you in with his car”, and McCormack answered, “yes”.

John English, who lives in Clann Chulainn Park, was making coffee at about 6am when he looked out his kitchen window and saw that a Mercedes car “had hit a chap”.

He said “it was an accident” and the car had reversed and the driver __ Mr McCaughey __ had got out. “The man was distraught, he had his hands on his head, he was panicking,” Mr English told the court.

The trial continues before Judge Gerard Griffin and a jury.

  • Elaine Keogh

Typical fucking ireland.
This McCormack lad should be locked up




cant take the law into your own hands sport, simple as that.

rather than slam the judiciary the finger should be pointed at the solicitor whos bringing the case.


the house owner was only standing up for himself.
its this type of shit which sickens me - someone breraks into my home and then im done for assualt for trying to catch the scumbag.

They are a mad bunch in Louth thats for sure

padraig nally took the law into his own hands. he is now a national hero

Well you cant expect to break into someones house and expect the owner to just let you, maybe the owner should have made him a cup of tea and given him a slice of cake and then maybe a go on his wife.

Maybe running him over twice was a bit excessive.

catch him within the law then mongo…two worngs dont make a right, an eye for an eye and the whole world ends up blind…there more random cliches out there if you want.

next time someone is robbing you, detain him with reasonable force (read the act) and dont run him over with your car breaking his two legs…

thats why we have the new act posted above…

Just hit him over the legs with a hurley until his legs break but make sure he is in the house when the police come. :slight_smile:

what was the house owner supposed to do? yer man had fled the house. catching him with the car was the only option other than shooting the prick. and he only got a 3 year suspended sentence. fucking joke

Ya I think the key point here is kill the cunt in your house not the street.
Unless hes a knacker then you can legally shoot him in the back as he crawls away :clap:

Well they do like to be treated differently. :slight_smile:

was the jewelerry worht the 175k he paid in the civil case? i fookin doubt it.

he was meant to detain, not run him over, your man was drunk… how hard could it have been to deatin him?

what did your man do burglary…fuck all of a crime… prob had a good record hence the 3 years suspended.

what do you reckon he should have got?

Criminal says under the influence of drink/drugs shocker. Of course he is going to say that.

Can that be used as an excuse for drink driving?

Only if you play intercounty GAA.

Ah sure you can commit any crime as long as you say in court that you had a hard childhood, grew up in a disadvantaged area, have a drink and drugs problem. Judge will say ah sure dont do it again, of ya go lad. :slight_smile:

Or rugby for Shannon