UEFA Cup Final

Would like to see Werder win this but really can’t see it happening. They’re hugely reliant on Diego in the past couple of seasons and while Pizarro and Ozil have been decent this year I don’t think they have enough to do without him in their biggest game.

Fancy Shakhtar at 6/4.

Gonna watch this. Any other players to look out for Rocko?

Shocking miss there by Adriano for Shaktar. Absolutely shocking. Twigg would’ve scored it, it was that easy.

Shakhtar definitely have the better team.

Bremen’s best players are Pizarro, Diego (suspended), Mertesacker, Naldo and the young lad Ozil who got his first German cap this season.

Shakhtar have some class Brazilians. Fernandinho, Jadson, Ilsinho. Then other guys like Srna and Lewandowski who are more solid but still excellent footballers.

I’ve backed Shakhtar and Shakhtar -1.

Also fancy Shaktar. Class team when they get it together . Could see them winning it by a couple. Then again have a huge habit of losing games they really shouldn’t. What odds Shak -1 rock?

Mark Lawrenson just said there when your man slipped to take the corner ‘Bit of a John Terry moment’, Annoys me the way so much of Irish media feel the need to relate everything to English clubs. Example I hear today was when Today Fm announced that 4 EPL players were in Bulgarian squad and then named them and their clubs without giving us details about a single other player who was included/excluded.

9/2 it’s 5/1 now I think.

Should be 1 up but they’ve had a poor few minutes.

Get onto the Magners League thread and respond to the speculation please.

Well that was a class finish from Adriano. This is where Shakhtar get very dangerous - they’re superb on the counter. Another cracking chance there.

Shocking defending for the goal from Proedl. Didn’t realise Mertesacker wasn’t playing. That’s another big loss for Bremen.

Shaktar the better team alright. Can see Bremen sneaking a goal though and making it interesting.

And just after I typed Bremen ‘sneak’ a goal from a free kick. Shite goalkeeping.

Can see Kelly Brook streaking onto the pitch and TV3 showing a closeup of her jubblies…

Great match this.

Damn, must only work the once…

Someone should tell Paul Lambert to get elocution lessons

Who actually said that to Lambert by the way?

Fook sake Ref, ya cant even showlder a lad.

Good save that, nearly made up for the error earlier.

Srna is a pure class act.

Haven’t seen any of this - just literally turned it on - but was always a fan of Shakhtar’s centre back, Ukranian international, impossible name to spell, begins with C, long hair - you get the drift.

Yeah he’d a poor start to the game tonight Bandage but improved as it went on. Can’t say I’m overly familiar with his work.

Straight out of the gambling handbook I’m backing Bremen now. Think Shakhtar look out on their feet a bit and fancy a German team on penalties if it gets that far.

Unlucky Rocko. Shaktar to me deserve the trophy. Not over yet but what a game.

Shakhtar will score again here.