Uk affairs(literally)


Dear me Tim.
That’s as bad a misquote/strawman as I’ve seen on TFK for quite a while.


What is?



Tony Abbott was a Rhodes scholar. I think Oxford were doing an Australia-specific Corn Flakes token offer on such scholarships at the time.


Theresa May has asked everyone to check on their frail elderly neighbours during this cold snap, and if they have an extra bedroom, report them to the Department for Work and Pensions


By the looks of it Arlene Foster will be logging onto the seething thread in the morning


why is that?


Keep up


What’s Arlene’s username here?

Failte Arlene by the way.


I think the current one is @Fulvio_From_Aughnacloy. Bitch never gives an inch and says the same shit again and again.




It’s pretty obvious we’ve reached the point where some honesty and decisions needs to be taken by the U.K. Government. The EU forcing their hand.


FG, the new republican party playing a blinder and squeezing the brits


It’s pretty obvious that time was just over a year ago Tim.


Obviously, the point is that this is the endgame on all of their waffle. They tried even last week to go on with more of it with the Three Baskets nonsense. The EU are forcing their hand.


Republican so long as the opinion polls blow that way…they’ll be back to being unionists in no time.



Never thought I’d see the day but that’s how it looks alright


200 people are stuck since overnight in their cars on a hill near ilminster.


they have sent in the British army