Uk affairs(literally)


Just shows how brain dead the British are


To put them out of their misery?


not like oireland of course where apes have to be pulled out of the sea :rofl:


There’s a special report coming up on Sky News later entitled ‘Why did Britain freeze?’. Maybe we can expect some answers then.


1 vs 200 mate


we can expect some very professional and accurate reporting


@Tassotti did you know half of Oireland totally closed down for a day while they waited for 3 inches of snow that didn’t even start till 10 oclock that night?
No business has been done now for 2 days. It s a fucking disgrace Whats happened here . Every bank in the state closed its doors yesterday while half the country was under blue skies. Airports closed. Busses and trains parked up. Supermnarkets closed. Gards ringing in saying they can’t go to work. The health service practically stood down unless you were dying.
Its cost the country 200 million they are saying. It’s personally cost me 5 or 6 grand. The usual losers spent 2 days on the radio moaning that their 23 euro dole snow bonus wouldn’t arrive for another week.


typcial Oireland, all drama and over reaction over fuckall, business’s closed for no reason, economy losing millions and the pubs full of course


It’s a fucking disgrace what’s happened


Shannon airport closed for no reason, its a thunderering disgrace


Kay Burley will be all over this.


Embrarressing. Shannon is a glorified cow shed

6 or 8 lads with shovels and brushes should be enough to keep it open.


:joy::joy: the tans and their special reports. Like thst time Cantona kicked yer man a day given over to it on sky news. Stupid bastards


is it 200 million it it cost? to have lads sitting at home scratching themselves, posting pictures of snow and shit memes about Brennans Bread


You can’t put a price on the safety of our citizens, bud. No lives lost. It’s great that our state values life over capital.


sure ye lot over there only got mickey mouse bad weather and the country had to shut down, we got far better bad weather here, serious bad weather, people have died


you’d want your head examined to get onto a UK motorway in bad weather as any serious accident or hold up and you are up shit creek without a paddle


Ah lovely :clap:
Your posts are a delight most days :smile:



I can confirm I drove from junction 21 to junction 20 in the snow on my bike on Tuesday night.
I am a credit to oireland.