Uk affairs(literally)


My usual 45 minute commute has been cut in half since Wednesday. Not a sinner on the M1. Tosspotti won’t admit it but London’s been closed for business since Wednesday.


Putting yourself and other road users in danger.


London was open for business all week fuck all snow there


Trains, Buses, Roads, Airports everything going full blast. It really is a great country.


The greatest club side in the history of British football strutted their stuff last night in London . It truly is a great world city .


to a half empty stadium


I mentioned that last night .




Seems to be another Litvinenko-type incident.


You’d want your head examined being a rogue Russian spy operating in England.


@Tassotti stay safe pal


Harry and Megan got a great reception in Belfast today

She has seen all the United Kingdom now


West Briton


Harry had a pint of Guinness in the crown and Megan had a half


I took her for a vodka/fanta kinda girl


Harry has a taste for the black stuff


Britain first will be livid


Megan is a stunningly beautiful woman


I hate to say it, but Jodie has a serious rival


The look of love. I can see these two going the distance.