Uk affairs(literally)



Just watching how to get a council house on C4. Jaysus it’s no wonder the Brits are pissed off with immigration


Does anyone explain Tory housing policy to them?


What’s the jist with it, never going to see it?Someone says they are poor and have 4 kids and they get given a 2 bed shithole in Rochdale?


Couple of Romanians just rocked in here with 4 kids, fresh off the plane asking where the fuck is our house


@Watch_The_Break is blaming Tory housing policy that this isn’t good enough for them. Is your policy Mr Student Union that anyone from any country on Earth just show up and ask where is my free house? Is that it?


This Romanian chap has rocked over without a bean to his name and the whole family in tow and is horrified they haven’t given him a house yet and he only in the country a couple of days :sweat_smile:
The one before was from Bermuda and seemed to think because they were entitled to British citizenship it was a licence to pop over and collect her house.


I may chance getting a council house in the U.K. myself :thinking: For holidays like


The Brits have seriously mugged themselves off the last 20 years. I’d jump ship if I had the misfortune to live there.


You’d nearly vote for brexit yourself after watching ten minutes of this


Looking forward to @Watch_The_Break social housing policy solution. Hoping it’s just free gaffs for everyone.


Finally found a more sympathetic story. Some lad getting fucked over by a zero hours contract


Happened across a chat there on LBC where the presenter was shocked to find that a majority in their poll said they would give up northern Ireland to crack on with brexit. His first two callers a chap from Sunderland and a Londoner were pro United Ireland. The presenter was incredulous. Great listening.


The Romanians are getting a house :clap: a real feel good story


Four bedroom in Bermingham, the poor bastard. The main concern is that they don’t fall into the poverty trap.


They mugged him right off. 5 weeks later and the chap is still unemployed so they’ll be back in the office again once the three months are up it would seem.
The only seemingly genuine case got a raw deal


The Brits are melting on twitter :sweat_smile:


I was out for a spin there and passed the Lombard roundabout in Croydon, some lad had two Russian flags flying from his balcony, great bit of banter I thought, it woud be like a mick flying a tricolour during the height of the ira bombing campaign in London


There are ‘undesirables’ everywhere. There should be a one in, one out policy.


actually I am going ringing the guards in Croydon now to report him